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Best betting sites in Italy

The Italian nation has always been passionate about sports, mainly football as the Squadra Azzura has had amazing moments throughout its history. With 4 World Cups and one European Championship wins under their belts, the Italian national football team has inspired millions of supporters and thousands of punters to participate in sports betting. Around 35% of all adult citizens frequently use sports betting sites in Italy. Coupled with a strong economy and clear regulations in place set by the AAMS – Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato – bookmakers in Italy are enjoying a very healthy environment that is also reflected by a staggering 10.4% growth in 2018 when the betting industry generated over €1.4 billion in revenue. So, no matter if you’re a seasoned punter looking for the next awesome bookie or you’re just getting ready to explore the best betting sites in Italy, this article is for you!

How betting takes place in Italy

Long before modern gambling institutions and online betting became part of the Italian day-to-day activities, gambling was big in the region. Back in the Roman Empire, the Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum – an ancient form of Backgammon- was very popular among legionnaires while Julius Caesar famously proclaimed “the die is cast” (a clear gambling reference) right before crossing the Rubicon in 49 BC. Also, the first casino The Ridotto in Venice was established in 1638 and is considered the ancestor of all the best betting sites in Italy. 

With such a strong background in gambling, Italy was one of the first European nations to recognise the need for well-structured gambling regulation. As early as 2006, steps were taken to regulate the Italy betting sites and the Italians drew inspiration from the way UK handled things. Before 2006, only the Italian National Olympic Committee and the National Horse Breeders Society were allowed to organise sports betting and horse racing wagers, both online and offline. Any bookie offering its services to Italian punters was included on a blacklist and his domain was blocked by internet service providers nationwide.

This blacklist grew rapidly to encompass more than 1,000 domains before the EU took action and decided to look closer at the monopoly created by the Italian authorities. Shortly after, infringement proceedings were initiated against Italy and that called for a new law to allow foreign betting sites in Italy as well. The new law came in 2009 when the Italian authorities made several amendments that came into effect in 2010. This is the moment when Italy started offering licenses to international bookies. These were issued by the AAMS and despite taxation levels being quite high, an overall of 31% on GGR for betting companies, many international bookies applied and received an Italian license.  With the help of these betting sites, Italy is now enjoying a very healthy online betting landscape. The revenue generated by taxing online and offline gambling representing a considerable amount in the country’s overall revenue. 

Things every betting site in Italy must offer

Since Italian punters are mainly focused on football, all the top betting sites in Italy should first of all make sure they offer plenty of betting markets from all domestic and international competitions. Champions League action is also a must as Italy is proudly represented by four teams this season: Juventus, Napoli, Internazionale Milano and Atalanta. Quick payouts are also a must for sportsbooks that want a serious shot at becoming one of the top bookmakers in Italy. And, of course, the localization side of things needs to be spot on with the entire website translated in Italian and support services as well. Actually, for the bookies licensed by the AAMS, having Italian language is a must. It is specified in the licensing requirements that an .it domain is a prerequisite. 

Can punters from Italy access foreign betting sites?

Even though the betting market was liberalized, the ban on unlicensed bookies stayed in place. So, in case you’re not satisfied with the licensed sportsbooks and you wish to explore other betting sites that accept Italian players, you’ll need to work your way around these restrictions. As always, a reliable VPN software should be more than enough to grant you access to all the online bookies out there. However, this should rarely be the case since the quantity and quality of the legal sportsbooks is spectacular. You should find all the interesting markets with great odds and bonuses at any of the world-class bookies that have obtained an AAMS license. 

What payment methods can I use on Italian betting sites?

As long as you’re betting at licensed bookies, there are absolutely no restrictions when it comes to payment options. All the popular international payment methods are available. Cards, ewallets, vouchers, bank transfer, just take your pick and use the ones that best fits your needs. Besides all the popular international ones, PostePay is also one of the well-known local payment methods. Allowing punters to instantly transfer funds using a reloadable prepaid card. It’s fast, safe, perfectly adapted for online betting and can be used at all bookies that accept bettors from Italy. 

Are betting exchanges available in Italy?

Italian punters interested in experiencing a betting exchange can do so at Betfair. The sportsbooks and betting exchange is licensed in Italy and delivers flawless services on both flanks. With one account, punters can access both the sportsbook and the betting exchange, the main difference between the two being the better odds offered by the latter since there’s a smaller vig applied on winnings, instead of the regular commissioned odds. Furthermore, as long as there’s a punter out there willing to back your bet, you can establish the odds yourself. 

Where can I file a complaint about an Italian betting site?

The best way to do a formal complaint against an Italian bookie is to contact the AAMS directly. However, if you do choose to bet at foreign bookmakers, addressing the authority that issued their license is the best approach. In both situations, you can always count on us to mediate any type of conflict between you and one of the bookies we are recommending.