Udine, città silenziosa. L’impressione della giornalista americana Mel Sellick

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C’è una certa qualità del silenzio nel centro città che mi prende sempre“. Così parla di Udine Mel Sellick, giornalista internazionale che ha collaborato con famose televisioni americane come NBC, abc, FOX, National Geographic Channel, Hystoru Channel, oltre a curare un blog sull’Huffington Post.

La giornalista di trovava nel novembre di quest’anno a Udine per ascoltare e intervistare la gente sulle tradizioni popolari


Questo il pezzo integrale tratto dal suo blog scritto a metà novembre 2014

At a crossroads of cultures in northern Italy, I’m interviewing scholars, orators and keepers of tradition

There’s a certain quality of silence in the city center that always grabs me.

Ancient stone buildings flow into clumsy stone sidewalks, padding sound in the way only walk streets can. In this piazza Libertad, sound takes penultimate freedom here, mimicking and accentuating like tones of every day haiku.

It’s a virtual pop orchestra: rickety clinks of baby stroller wheels, clomping of elegant stiletto heels with the occasional thud into a well worn groove; shots of shrill laughter, spiking in and out from beneath gigantic marble statues older then the U.S., where teenage lovers tend to huddle, smoking cigarettes and making out.

Did the world always hold this much silence, save the makings of human comings and goings? Did it always hold such deep space for nothing except an errant bird song or wheezing wind through cricketey winter branches? Even our presence here seems only a temporary business, somewhat unimportant in a greater scheme.

I wonder. Am I the only one that notices the silence? This thought too must have volume, as I catch the eye of an old woman, stopped and staring, wondering what I’m listening to.