Where Are COVID Cases Rising?

Last month, it was believed that the COVID-19 pandemic was coming to an end. Many countries removed their lockdown restrictions while allowing consumers to return to work and school in person. Unfortunately, it seems that these decisions were made prematurely. As a result, many countries are reversing course and shutting down once again. Sadly, it seems that this might happen across the world. However, COVID cases are rising in certain areas. Readers will learn more about the areas that are experiencing a resurgence in the guide below.

The United States

The United States has been accused of waiting too late to deal with the COVID-19 situation. Many have been quick to blame the Trump administration for making matters worse. Others argue that nobody could’ve seen how bad the pandemic was going to get. Although most American states have reopened, the cases are climbing swiftly. Cases are rising in most states as vaccination rates stall. In addition to this, the delta variant has many people concerned since it is more contagious. Across the nation, the average number of new cases each day has doubled over the last few weeks.

Just remember that certain areas have been hit harder than others. Maryland has one of the lowest case rates in the United States. As for the Washington DC region, it has experienced a slight increase in cases. Although the country has been hesitant to get locked down again, measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Los Angeles County in California has issued a new mask mandate and many are urging schoolchildren to wear masks when they return to school.

On Monday, scares of the delta variant sent American stock markets into a downward spiral. If American enforces new lockdowns, there is a good chance that other countries will too.


Australia recently experienced a resurgence in new COVID-19 cases thanks to an outbreak of the Delta variant. As a result, many areas have entered new lockdowns in hopes of preventing the spread of the variant. On Monday, Australian officials confirm that Victoria would extend its COVID-19 lockdown beyond Tuesday. Even though the area experienced a dip in new infections, the restrictions will remain. State Premier Daniel Andrews argued that the restrictions would remain because new cases were still being found in the community. A new update is expected on Tuesday. The country’s second most populated state reported 13 new locally acquired cases on Monday compared to 16 on the previous day. Half of the country’s 25 million residents are now living under restrictions.

Sydney which is the largest city in the country has been under lockdown recently. The five-week lockdown is expected to end on July 30 but the date has already been pushed back twice. There is a risk that it’ll be pushed back once again. Either way, Australia is another country experiencing rising COVID-19 cases. The country is not playing at an online-kasino or taking any risks since it has immediately taken steps to stop the virus from spreading.


Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world. Surprisingly, it has also experienced a surge of COVID-19 cases. On Money, the country reported more than 1,230 new COVID-19 cases bringing the total to more than 852,000. Despite having impressive vaccination rates, Israel is struggling to stop the spread. In addition to this, the country’s death toll rose by two, but the number of patients in serious condition dropped by one. More than 61% of the country’s population has been vaccinated but the cases are climbing. On May 2, the active cases among the country’s soldiers went from 0 to 164.

As a result, the country is likely going to take steps to reduce the risks. It has been reported that Israeli officials will likely make tourists isolate when they arrive in the country. The mandatory quarantine rules must be followed by vaccinated people and individuals who’ve already recovered from COVID-19. The country’s Health Ministry is expected to recommend a quarantine of four to seven days. Therefore, anyone who is going to be traveling to Israel needs to prepare for this. Tourists can stay at the casino and play at a live casino.

However, the vaccinated and recovered will only need to quarantine if they came from a high-risk area.